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How Vent Cleaning Protects You From COVID-19

Dec 15, 2020 | Air Duct Cleaning

The CDC recommends that proper ventilation may help protect you from COVID-19. However, without adequate air duct cleaning, there’s a risk that your vents are transporting the virus rather than preventing transmission. Dirty vents can trap harmful bacteria, viruses, and germs in your home. However, cleaning the vents yourself can often be a time-consuming and stressful process. Working with a professional vent cleaner will help keep you and your family safe from illnesses in the home.

A Germ-Free Home

As we are now spending more time than ever before in the same location, it’s become even more essential to ensure superior air quality for a germ-free home. Without regular cleaning, air-vents can repeatedly circulate the same poor-quality air, which could mean the same bacteria, viruses, germs, and even allergens are repeatedly traveling through your house. In April, an outbreak in a restaurant suggested that the virus was spread through the air vents. By hiring a professional to assist in deep-cleaning your air-vents, you can ensure that you remove the risk of harmful particles circulating through your property.


Avoid Harmful Build-Ups 

Your overall health may be considerably lowered when dirt and debris builds-up in your air vents. If your air vent is louder than usual or blowing out dust, this may be a sign of build-ups in the vent. Over time, dirt and debris can be pulled into the vents, making it easier to trap other germs and reduce the unit’s ability to function. If the air in your home contains germs and allergens, it can also weaken your immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to catching viruses or illnesses outside the home. If you are unwell, you are more likely to be affected by COVID-19 and experience more severe symptoms. A thorough vent-clean will reduce this risk as you will not be exposed to harmful build-ups for long periods.


A Less Effective Unit

Good ventilation will decrease the amount of COVID-19 risk. Good air circulation throughout your home ensures less concentrated patches of infected air will be found in your home in the case of a contamination. If your air ducts have a build-up of trapped debris, they will be less effective at circulating air throughout the home, allowing the virus concentration to sit in one place in your home. Investing in a professional air duct cleaning service will allow the air to circulate effectively in your home, distributing otherwise harmful germs to manageable levels for the body. Less restricted air ducts will also save you money, as you won’t be spending additional money on ventilation that isn’t working at full capacity. 


Cleaning Kills Coronavirus

The most effective protection against COVID-19 is cleanliness. A deep-clean of your air-vents will help stop the virus in its tracks, with germicidal substances that could stop the virus well before it begins to circulate in your home. Often, the first sign of COVID-19 is when symptoms develop, a week or so after you have caught the virus. Air duct cleaning can act as a preventative measure for helping reduce risk in your home. Professional cleaning services like Clean Extreme have the knowledge and expertise required for intense cleaning of your air ducts ensuring your unit is both pristine and functioning effectively.


Optimizing Filtration Capacity

Fully-functioning air ducts can offer added protection from germs due to a better filter capacity. HVAC units with high-quality filters might help catch the harmful particles before they even begin to circulate through the home. However, poorly functioning units have to work harder to push air through the filters. This means that otherwise caught substances might be forced through the filters and into the rooms in your home. 


How Clean Extreme Can Help

We use Envirocon, a microbial control which can help eliminate viruses, mold, and bacteria. Our services differ from most cleaning companies in that we clear all covers, boxes, and lines, as well as units. This means that not just the ducts but the entire unit will have a virus-preventing deep clean to keep your home safe. Clean Extreme can provide a free quote and consultation before any deep-cleaning, so you know first-hand what is required. As a family business, we understand the importance of keeping your home safe, which is why we also fully restore your home to a pre-visit state, so you don’t have to touch or handle anything after our visit.

If you want to ask us about our COVID-precautions or how we can deep clean your vents, contact us today. All our packages include returns and after-care, so from the moment you talk to us, we’ll be able to help make your home COVID-safe.