The Grow Like A Pro podcast, hosted by Adam Bankhurst and Ron Greenbaum on 610 WTBN, is about learning how to achieve your goals and dreams as a business owner and grow as a person. Recently, our very own Matt Terry, the owner of Clean Extreme, offered his thoughts and experiences both in his personal life and with the foundation and growth of Clean Extreme to help other entrepreneurs like himself achieve their goals. 

In this episode, Matt tells his story. He wastes no time telling listeners why he started Clean Extreme and motivated him to grow his company into one of Central Ohio’s best companies for air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and carpet cleaning needs.

Initially, Matt thought he would be a small owner/operator, but he decided to take advantage of the free market opportunities and grow the company larger as time went on. What motivated him was providing opportunities to others around him. He talks about how he noticed his assistant had peaked and was ready to advance his career, so Matt decided to grow the company to give him and many others opportunities to grow. This leads to discussing the focus of Clean Extreme and how the company treats its employees as people and strives to mentor them and help them build a career.

The topic shifted onto how Matt and Clean Extreme came onto Ron Greenbaum’s (The Basement Doctor) radar, specifically how Ron noticed that Clean Extreme was a customer-focused company and how their reputation in the community reflected that. 

A highlight in this segment for listeners is the topic of leadership and how the core values of the CEO of a company reflect the overall business. Ron highlights Matt’s entrepreneurial spirit and how it has prepared Clean Extreme to meet the challenges a business will face. 

In the final segment, Adam asks Matt to wind back the clock and give listeners insight into his entrepreneurial journey. From the road leading up to founding Clean Extreme to the company’s challenges as the industry has evolved, Matt provides listeners with a first-hand account of how he has been on the cutting edge of change and how his values have allowed him to meet and embrace that change.

Whether you’re interested in learning more about Matt’s entrepreneurial journey and what it takes to be successful in today’s world or want to know more about Clean Extreme’s exceptional company culture and values, we invite you to listen to Episode 45 of The Grow Like A Pro Show.